A grab bag of goodies and baddies that inspire and frustrate the members of Blue Horse & Trumpet.

Doodling for Dollars

We are visual creatures - no matter what you may believe. And the best way to make connections is still by using your hand and mind together. In the old days it was called “building.”

14 Hilarious Moments in Misspellings

14 Hilarious Moments in Misspellings

The 3rd in our series for Mag+, this video was a release of sorts of all the frustrations that we encounter when we encounter difficult clients. It has struck a nerve of sorts with both creatives and clients, but not the same nerve. My favorite comment is from “T27Duck”, a fellow who owns a lamination shop somewhere - he says

"You sir, have made me not want to ever use your services nor ever work with you. Your job and to build what I want you to build. You come off as an elitist prick."

Thanks, T27Duck, you prove the point and illustrate the problem. If you are asking your agency to “build what you want them to build” you are wasting their time and your money.

An Interactive Star Swing

I was researching programming frameworks that would allow me to create interesting visualizations in an iPhone app, and I came across this article about a group of developers who took a computer, a Kinect from XBox, a projector, and an ordinary swing, and created a remarkable experience.

More about us! The second of the videos we created for Mag+ is the CEO. Rosina Reynolds is the actress here and does a perfect job, IMHO. The video was created to highlight the application of the Mag+ plugin for reports and graphic communications. In creating these we are walking the fine line between real design and comic design. The subject matter is pretty silly and we had to let the app design reflect that.

Okay! We do inspire ourselves. Here is a video for the series we created for Mag+. What inspires me most about this video is the acting. Frances Gercke is the actor and he really is brilliant. What I dig is that he is 100% committed to the moment and doesn’t play along with the joke. Really nice editing by our own B. Davis as well.